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Empowering Children to Be a Better Version of Themselves

ESCUCHA! Youth Mentorship Program

Building a Better Future

TEC runs the ESCUCHA! Youth Mentorship Program. 

ESCUCHA! is dedicated to providing underserved youth with the opportunities to become leaders and college bound students through a series of developmental workshops facilitated by volunteer professionals and university students.  A lasting relationship is built between our students and their team mentors who serve as guides and positive examples. 

Students also have the opportunity to participate in Educational/recreational field trips as well as developing community based service projects.  


The Program has been supported by the Division of Juvenile & Substance Abuse Services of the Morris County Department of Human Services and The Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse - Municipal Alliances Program.  This program has been named “BEST PRACTICE IN HUMAN SERVICES-Delinquency Prevention,” twice by the New Jersey Association of County Human Services Directors STATEWIDE Conference. 

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Career Way Mentorship Program

Making a Difference One Child at a Time

TEC has also offered the Career Way Mentorship Program to the Morris County Juvenile Probation Department which was funded by the Division of Juvenile & Substance Abuse Services of the Morris County Department of Human Services.  


The program provided mentorship services for teens who had minor offenses and have entered the juvenile probation system.  The aim is to limit their involvement in the juvenile justice system and offer them opportunities for advancement through career pathway exploration, life skills and education.

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Avoiding the Roadblocks:  
Write Clearly, Spend Wisely

Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

Avoiding the Roadblocks:  Write Clearly, Spend Wiselyteaches and guides students through the college essay writing process and provides basic financial aid information for the students and their parents.  It is a five-session program designed to help college bound students complete two of the most intimidating aspects of the college selection / application process: How to write the personal statement and how to plan to pay for their education.

This program can also be modified and offered to local school districts wishing to serve their limited English proficient (LEP) student population on their campuses.  

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ESCUCHA! Alumni Connections

Building a Better Future

Keeping in touch with our Alumni is vital to the program.  They are always welcome to serve as mentors or guest speakers.  Many are now professionals and experts in their fields. 

Alumni are welcome to join our Facebook ESCUCHA! Youth Mentorship Program Alumni Network. 

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